Paragliding Tandem Flights

Do you want to fly? A paragliding tandem is absolutely the easiest way to get into the sky!

No engines, no smoke, no noise: only you and the air

To apply is very easy: write or call us and schedule your flght!

We will meet at the landing area, a shuttle ride, an easy briefing and in a few minutes you will be in the air. Ci si trova, si sale in decollo e dopo un piccolo briefing in due passi sarete in volo!

WE can set up the flight every day of the week, it will take approx 2 hours to be done (15/20 minutes in flight).

The are different options, choose the best for your mood 🙂

Easy tandem

A quiet flight in calm air, to try and see what happens.

Standard tandem

This option includes also a photo/video footage and if you want you can also pilot the wing for a few minutes.

Dynamic tandem

As written… more dynamic manouvers (but shortest leght…).

Top relax tandem

Only in some special occasions we can start near the top of Monte Grappa for a very long and panoramic flight.

Performance tandem

If you want it longer…

Advanced tandem

Only for pilots who want to improve their skill.

We supply all the technical stuff, you only need comfortable shoes and a jacket!

**top relax and performance need very special weather consitions, so they can be more easiliy postponed
*** if the flight lasts less than 30 min you will have a free voucher for an Easy tandem

Who are your pilots?

Fabio Loro

Fabio Loro

Master PG instructor

Fabio Loro flies since 1990 and teach from 1995. Curriculum Vitae

Montegrappa Tandem Team
Montegrappa Tandem Team

Montegrappa Tandem Team

Paragliding Tandem Pilots

The other pilots are member of the Montegrappa Tandem Team.

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